Adonai International Ministries

Gynae International



Gynae International is the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ to all women of the earth. It was inaugurated on the 14th of December 1996.
Its vision or motto is to make every woman or female become what God created her to be.

Aims & Objectives

  • Help the woman to accept herself as a woman.
  • To equip her as a tool for world evangelisation.
  • To help her identify her God given potentials and to live up to it.
  • TO Maintain The Standards Of God's Kingdom On Holiness And Purity.
  • To meet the gynaecological needs of every woman and to minister healing to every spiritual, psychological and socio economic needs of the woman. (The total health of the woman).
  • To help every woman acknowledge Jesus Christ as her King, her Lord, father and friend.